Flexible Project Management Services, LLC - We offer flexible services to meet your customized needs.
Virtual/Remote Project Management

Our Project Management Professionals offer the right blend of practical knowledge, over fifteen years of experience, and communication skills to drive projects to success. Flexible Project Management Services can offer proven "Virtual/Remote Project Management Services" to meet the flexible needs of our clients.
Project Management Professional Coaching

We will work together to identify the right exam preparations and learning strategies to prepare for the Project Management Professional exam. Flexible Project Management Services offers personalized advantages compared to traditional PMP® exam classes including:
  • Flexible study locations and times to accommodate your unique and busy schedule and life style needs
  • Affordable rates, highly qualified tutors, exceptional one-on-one exam preparation
  • Personalized tutoring that leverages your needs and expectations to pass the exam.
For all levels of PMP® Candidates, we’ll help to:
  • Determine personal strengths
  • Provide motivation and time management
  • Techniques to improve concentration
  • Learn test preparation skills
Learn in a comfortable environment:
  • Free assessment for goal setting
  • One-on-One tutoring
  • Focus on individual student needs
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